Security Swipe Cards

Our swipe card entry systems are just one of the Door Entry Solutions we provide to our customers to restrict and manage entry to their premises.

One card can operate any number of selected doors, giving the systems manager options to include and exclude certain sensitive areas, such as computer rooms. Timed entry can also be affected, so the cleaner may only require access on a Friday between 4pm-8pm, while regular employees would be excluded after 6pm and on Sundays. And should a card be lost or stolen then it can be simply taken off the system and a replacement can be issued.

"Entro" is a PC based software package that can control up to 512 doors, 40,000 cardholders and separate sites connected by modems. Easily extended, each sector has its own controller and back up batteries so if your office power is cut, you can still get in and out! It’s one of our most popular systems and logs all entries with a time and date stamp.

"Granta" is the top flight PC based system and can handle 75,000 cardholders or proximity tags and up to 2,000 door readers, as well as offering lift control and 250 time zones. It also has a roll call facility and can trace the movement of personnel.

Bee Safe Security will be happy to assess your requirements and recommend the ideal bespoke Access Controls for you, your budget and your property. Simply contact us today to find out more.


Swipe Cards

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Security Swipe Cards