Door Entry Systems

Our door entry systems are ideal for large businesses and commercial environments that need to create a separation between public and private areas by only granting access to authorised employees. This can be achieved in many ways. Our most popular options are security swipe cards, keypad door entry systems and biometric systems. These systems are particularly favoured due to their incorruptibility.

We can upgrade a normal 26-bit access control system to biometric control in less than 5 minutes, creating a reliable and PC-free, standalone security system. Our biometric fingerprint readers can easily program and manage up to 250 users. Plus, because the access requirement is a fingerprint, they cannot be lent out, lost or shared, which is a great way of increasing your security level.

We also offer a range of door entry systems from Bewator, who are the world’s leading supplier of innovative security solutions for access control, CCTV and integrated security systems. Bewator has some 350 employees with its headquarters in Stockholm in Sweden. It also has offices in Britain, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. If you would like any further information about the Bewator products we provide click here.

All our door entry systems allow you to monitor and store access patterns, which is particularly useful in larger premises. Our largest system can provide access for 18,000 people and regulate passage through up to 2,000 doors. Our key code and swipe card systems in particular can manage access to much more complex properties.


Entry Systems

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Door Entry Systems