Covert CCTV Cameras

Sometimes knowing they are being watched is not enough to deter criminal behaviour because determined offenders will simply find another way to break the rules. If this is the case, a covert CCTV system may be the answer.

Our covert CCTV cameras can be hidden in a variety of places in and around your property, including inside smoke detectors, to ensure optimal placement and viewing possibilities without raising suspicion. Simply contact us today at Bee Safe Security and we will inspect your property and design a covert CCTV system to satisfy your requirements, while ensuring you adhere to the Data Protection Act and any other relevant legislation.

We will arrange to visit your premises and install your CCTV cameras out of normal working hours, so you can rest assured of a covert CCTV system that will not be detected.


CCTV Systems

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Covert CCTV Systems