Commercial Intruder Alarms

With more than three decades of experience designing and installing bespoke commercial intruder alarms, you can rely on Bee Safe Security to protect and secure you business premises and assets from potential intruders. We have the expert knowledge and exceptional products that enable us to install the ideal security alarm system in any size property, whether it’s a factory unit, office block, restaurant or bank.

We provide complete security packages, including 24 hour assistance and maintenance. And because we offer a wide variety of products and services, we can integrate a range of additional features into your commercial intruder alarm. Our most popular options include:

  • Speech Dialers – programmed to call certain phone numbers and inform the relevant person when the alarm is activated.
  • Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) – a secure location that monitors and logs all alarm activations. The personnel will respond appropriately informing the owners, the key holders or the police as required.
  • Commercial Intruder Alarms – the continuous monitoring of the telephone line in your building for any abnormalities, this information is then relayed to an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).

We can also link your new commercial intruder alarm to CCTV, Access Controls and Door Entry Systems. This will ensure that your security system protects against every eventuality in the event of a break in. We will do all we can to make sure that everything is taken care of, giving you complete peace of mind and protection.


Intruder Alarms

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Commercial Intruder Alarms